Rally TL 300 Table Tennis Table Review


The Rally TL 300 is an inexpensive table that has a high end look and plays like a much more expensive table. It’s equipped with a 15 millimiter thick charcoal painted table top and a has a very stable white under carriage that is made of aluminum. Although it is called the “Rally” its very similar to the JOOLA 15 indoor table as they both have a similar table top and components. The table supports playback mode which is really nice for those who like to practice against themselves or do drills to work on the consistency of their game.

The table also comes with a folding legs and a unique system for locking the wheels so the table doesn’t become unstable and roll away. This is a very useful feature if you plan on putting the table on a hard surface like hardwood floor or the cement floor of a basement.

Additional Features

The table comes with some useful extra features such as a magnetic style scoreboard that lets you keep track of the score in a fun, visual way. There are also four ball holders that are available in each corner of the table and add a nice added convenience for all those times you lose track of your ping pong balls. It also folds easily for mobility which is added convenience because customers often do not have the space to leave it out. If you are short on space you might also consider getting a smaller table like the JOOLA Mid-Size, a 3/4 size table that plays like a full size one.


  • Has a Permanent Weather-Resistant Polyester Net System with Tension and Height Adjustment / Retracts in Storage Position
  • DSI Integrated Double Security – With a Central Release Handle, the Table Easily Opens and Closes / Table is Fully Locked in Playing and Storage Positions / Avoids Risk of Accidents
  • Play Position Dimensions: 108in L x 60in W x 30in H / Storage Dimensions: 62in H x 74in W x 30in D / Weight: 172 lbs.
  • Uses a 7mm Resin Laminate Playing Surface with Corner Protection Pads / MATTOP Finish Provides an Anti-Glare Finish and Proper Ball Adherence / Available in Blue or Slate!
  • Sturdy Arched Leg Design Looks Great and Provides Solid Support! / Adjustable Feet for Improved Stabilit


Overall, the Rally TL 300 is a great value ping pong table that is extremely affordable and offers a good playing experience with some nice extra features. It’s a good table for the recreational player or someone who has kids or teenagers and doesn’t want to spend too much money on a table that could get damaged. Customers have reported that this table can warp if stored in hot or humid conditions so this is definitely something to watch out for. Be sure to store it in a cold, dry place or at least take the extra precautions of wrapping it in a cloth or otherwise protecting it from temperature, humidity and the elements. This is not an outdoor table and therefore it is not protected against warping, cracking, and scratches of the table top and paint.


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