Ping Pong Table Dimensions

A common question when people are considering buy a ping pong table is: “What are the dimensions of a table tennis table?”. This is a common question because many feel that they might not have the space for a table, and that getting one would be a burden. Often times this is not the case. Tables come in many different shapes and sizes and modern tables are able to fold and store in places you never thought possible.

A regulation table has the following ping pong table dimensions:

  • Height from Floor is 30 inches
  • Width of Top is 5 ft
  • Length Of Top 9 ft

Some tables, like the the Joola Midsize table, are much smaller than regulation size and can allow you to fit them in places that table could not ordinarily fit such as a bedroom, closet, small basement or even a small deck. The Joola Midsize is two thirds the size of a regulation table and comes in at only 71 inches by 36 inches big and it stands at the regulation height of 30 inches. With the Joola Midsize you can play competitive ping pong even if you don’t have the space to set up a full sized table. Weighing in at only 62 pounds, this table is super light and easy to set up. The legs folder underneath it and the entire thing folds flat so you can slide it under your bed when not in use. The table is just big enough to allow for a decent game of table tennis but not too big to be unruly.

JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table
JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table

Other tables are able to fold in interesting ways such that you can conveniently store in them in places you wouldn’t normally think a table could be stored and then take them out and unfold them when you are ready to play. A good example of a folding table is the Stiga InstaPlay. It’s a great table for a decent price that features a 3/4″ black top, tough steel construction and the ability to fold into two separate halves. This is a great feature because you can store the two halves of the table separately and you do not have to have a space big enough for the entire table to fit. Many customer have mentioned that they love this feature because it opens them up to storage options that they didn’t think were possible with a full sized table tennis table.

Stiga Instaplay Storage
Stiga Instaplay Storage

Another great feature of this table from Stiga is the fact that the two separate table halves can actually each be free standing. You do not need to connect them for the tables to stand up properly. This is very convenient for those who like to entertain or anyone who has a need for extra tables in different situations. For instance, if you’re having a party and need extra table space to set up food and drinks, you could easily put a table cloth over each of these separate table halves and have a large, level serving area that doubles as a ping pong table. Other good uses include garage sales and weddings.


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