Joola Nova DX Outdoor Table Review

Joola Nova DX
Joola Nova DX


The Joola Nova DX is a fantastic table at an unbelieveable price. Not only this this table built with quality materials that are assembled solidly, but the materials themselves can withstand temperature changes and humidity! This is a very very good feature for a table that consistently costs less than $500 and and can be taken outside without fear of it warping, cracking or otherwise being ruined by mother nature. The Joola Nova DX is commonly a best seller on Amazon and it totally makes sense why: It’s a ridiculously good deal for what you get at this price


  • Foldable- Two Piece- For Playback- Simply Leave One Half Folded
  • Joola Outdoor Table Tennis Table Dimensions: Regulation Size of 9ft x 5ft / Assembled Weight: 121 lbs
  • Features a 6mm Table Top Made of Aluminum Plastic Composite
  • Comes with Rust Resistant, Powder Coated Metal Undercarriage and Trolley System with Four Durable Wheels/ Outdoor Net
  • Safety Features: Locking Casters, Locking Halves When Folded Down for Play, and Anti-Tilting Devices


So Joola says that this table is durable enough to be taken outdoors but just how durable is it really? Actually, it’s surprisingly durable and well built. It features a 6mm table top that is made with a high quality aluminum and plastic composite mix that not only won’t rust but is assured to not warp, crack, expand or contract due to outdoor conditions. This not only prepares this table for the outdoors, it also serves to make that much more resilient. Parents with young kids or teenages could find this appealing because often times ping pong tables can take a lot of abuse – even indoors! This table not only features a quality top, but also a dense, 2 inch steel reinforced frame that helps to keep the table level and is strong enough to withstand the elements.

Extra Features

Some of the extra features of this table include adjustable legs that you release and move freely up and down to make sure that you have consistent and level playing surface even if the ground you set the table up on is not level. The table also features a high quality weatherproof net that can stand up to much more punishment that the typical net that comes on sub-$500 table. The table also is capable of folding for storage or for playback mode where you can play against yourself for practice or warming up before a game. The table also features large locking wheels that all you to move the table into place fairly easily and have it stay there.


The Joola DX is a great budget table for anyone who wants a solid, reliable table that is much more resilient than you typical budget table. With most budget tables coming in around the $400 mark, this table offers so much more for just $100 more than the competition. For just that much, you get a table built with outdoor-ready components that you won’t have to worry about storing in humid environment or being fragile and brittle and not being able to stand up to the everyday use. This is the ideal dorm ping pong table.


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