Joola Tour 2500 Ping Pong Table Review

Joola Tour 2500
Joola Tour 2500


Joola is a common name that comes up during many ping pong tournament conversations. This unique brand of ping pong table is referred to, by many, as one of the best quality tables in the sport. Events such as the US Open and the US Nationals are sponsored by Joola. The Joola brand has quite a number of table tennis tables. Of these, one model in particular is of interest in this review. The Joola Tour 2500 is a one of a kind ping pong table suitable for armature players.

Table construction

The Joola Tour 2500 is characterized by its 1” thick table top. This unique size is intended to ensure the durability of this table. It should be noted that this table is designed for extensive training sessions regardless of whether one is an amateur or a professional.  The 1” breadth facilitates durability of the table for a longer period.

Playing experience

If you are looking for that extra oomph when playing, then the Tour 2500 is the table for you. The table top is carefully painted with a polyurethane compound. This extensive process is intended to produce an efficient and effective playing surface. This gives the tennis ball a good bounce once it comes in contact with the table. The Joola Tour 2500 will give you one of the best playing experiences ever.

Convenience features

There are a number of features embedded within this ping pong table that add a touch of convenience to the player. Some of these features include:

    • Powder coated metal frames for added support and stability.
    • Automatic folding legs for easy movement and storage.

Assembly process

The Tour 2500 is one of the easiest ping pong tables to assemble. This is because it comes with a few features already pre-assembled. The caster ‘T’ bracketed legs are the only features that are not yet assembled on the Joola Tour 2500. The ‘T’ bracketed legs come in two halves which are both attached to the table for easy support, transport and safety.

Potential downsides

Due to the general design of the Joola Tour 2500, the table is likely to have one major disadvantage. The table may seem to be relatively heavy to some of its users. This could be due to the 1” table and the metal frames. The materials used to construct this table, in addition to the overall dimensions, add to the overall weight of the table as a result moving the table can a bit of a challenge.


All factors put into consideration, the Joola Tour 2500 is the perfect ping pong table for any upcoming table tennis player. Whether you are playing the sport as a hobby or as a profession, the Joola Tour 2500 will give you an experience like no other. Being the official supplier of ping pong tables for major tournaments, you can not possibly go wrong with them. With its unrivaled reputation for the production of quality table tennis tables, the Tour 2500 is the best choice for anyone with a passion for ping pong as a sport.