Joola Triumph 15 Table Tennis Table Review

Joola Triumph 15
Joola Triumph 15


The Joola Triumph 15 is a recreational-only table ideal for those who would love to play table tennis at home. Like most quality products selling on Amazon out there, this recreational tennis table has garnered impressive votes as buyers review it with each purchase they make. In regards to this, there is certainly more to talk about this ping pong table.

If you’re in the market looking for an entry-level table, you’d be interested in reading this review to see how well this table fits your purpose.


The dimensions of this table are 108in L by 60in W by 30in H. This is considered enough space for playing table tennis at home. Furthermore, storage dimension is 62in H by 74in W by 30in D / Weight: 172 pounds. Again, these dimensions are ideal for those who want portability with their tennis tables.

In addition to this, the table comes with 4 automatic folding legs that users can adjust to improve stability. They look great, plus they offer solid support when bouncing the ball back and forth. And of course the trolley system which comes with 4 locking wheels will facilitate mobility from one part of the recreational room to the other.

The two piece table folds back conveniently for easy storage, so you don’t have to worry about space.It would also be fair to mention the fact that the Joola triumph 15 is designed with double Anti-tilting device to improve safety while operating it. On the other hand, the adjustable feet levels the table to correct height.


When you invest in this tennis table, rest assured that the 15mm charcoal-painted MDF Surface will stand the test of time. What’s more, the table is designed with a nice anti-glare finish to boost aesthetic appearance while ensuring proper ball adherence.

And of course the fact that the table comes with a weather-resistant net system is something to marvel about. Basically, the build quality of this tennis table is top-notch. Users generally feel the sturdiness of the table whenever playing on it.

Playing Experience

It offers a good bounce quality, though professional/seasoned players will find that this table is not upbeat with their skills. Therefore, if you’re a beginner and you still don’t know much about the game of table tennis, you will enjoy the playing experience. But on the other hand, if you’re an expert player, you will need a little bit more than what the table offers.

Convenience Features

The best thing about this amazing table is that you will set it up in 20 minutes on average. Again, the manufacturer has strategically placed corner ball holders and magnetic scoring device (detachable) which provide a lot of convenience amid the game. What’s more, consumers find the anti-tilting device convenient since it provides safety when handling the table.


Every part is already pre-assembled for you. This explains why you will take 20 minutes on average to set it up. It’s quick and easy. And the fact that it’s below 180 pounds in weight means you can move it anywhere you want. This is quite impressive.

Potential downsides

They say the table has a thin top, and this sacrifices on the bounce rate. This also explains why the table is only suitable for the beginner tennis player.


What you read about the Joola Triumph 15 ping pong table is a comprehensive review  a by real user. No doubt, this table will give you value for money, and especially if you have it in mind that it’s a beginner tennis table and not tournament quality.