Kettler Top Star XL Table Tennis Table Review

Kettler Top Star XL
Kettler Top Star XL


The Kettler Top Star XL is a premium quality outdoor table with a 7/8 inch sealed aluminum composite top that is completely weatherproof. This table uses patented technology by Kettler called “ALU-TEC” that basically allows the table to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and have them not affect the playing experience. This is a difficult problem to overcome due to that fact that moisture, humidity and changes in temperature can make the materials that table tops are made of expand, contract, crack, swell and even bubble up and cause imperfections in the playing surface. This table is special in that it has a top made up of an aluminum composite that is completely sealed and watertight so that the inner, rigid, resin plywood will not ever be directly exposed to the elements.

One confusing thing about the Top Star XL is that it’s called the “XL”. This has confused many potential buyers. The table is the regulation size of 9 feet long by 5 feet wide. It is not extra-large sized. Kettler made the name a bit confusing, but they use the XL to denote that this Top Star is their premium outdoor table second only to their super high-end tournament qualified tables. The Top Star XL is really the best outdoor table that Kettler makes that’s intended for home use and it shines as a weatherproof, high quality, long-lasting table.

Construction and Durability

The Kettler Top Star XL has a 7/8-inch sealed aluminum composite top, a 1.5-inch aluminum apron, 2.5-inch elliptical tubing for extra stability, large 5.5-inch dual wheels with rubber treads (perfect for the outdoors), a permanent net system and a patented safety mechanism to prevent unintended opening or closing of the table.

The net system is a really nice feature because it allows you only set the net up once and never again. You do not need to mess with the net in order to fold the table up for storage is its suspended independently between the two table halves. This makes storage much easier and keeps the net more stable during aggressive play.

The 1.5-inch aluminum apron and 2.5-inch elliptical tubing in the frame give the table extra stability and keep it stationary during play. The table offers really good playability and due to the high-quality steel and aluminum construction, the table has a solid feel to it.


One of the major issues with the Kettler Top Star XL is the initial assembly process. Many customers have complained that assembling this table is difficult and very time consuming. The table ships in a cardboard box with pretty much everything un-assembled. They could have done a better job in pre-assembling the pieces, but due to heavy and dense materials used, pre-assembly could lead to more frequent issues with pieces breaking during shipment. It’s definitely something to keep in mind though, the Kettler Top Star XL is difficult to assemble and it may take you anywhere between 3 and 6 hours to complete.


The Kettler Top Star XL is a high-end outdoor table tennis table that is built to withstand the elements. It offers a high-level of playability for an outdoor table and will give you many years of use before breaking down. It’s built with quality components that not only are weatherproof but will stand up to temperature changes as well.