Stiga STS 420 Table Tennis Table Review

Stiga STS 420 Table Tennis Table
Stiga STS 420 Table Tennis Table


If you enjoy table tennis or like to play light sports on the weekends, then it will be worth your time and money to order the Stiga STS 420 Table Tennis Table. Before I decided to buy this product, I had long been searching for a table tennis table, and the Stiga STS 420 ended up being the perfect fit. It was an expensive piece of equipment at $899.00, but the table ended up being well worth the money it took to purchase it.

Table Construction

Overall, the table has a high quality of construction in comparison to other table tennis tables. It is a rather heavy piece of equipment with a smooth table top and sturdy legs. The net is seventy-two inches long and clips onto the table top nicely. The wheels are also of a high standard and move around easily, and lock in place to keep the table steady during play.

Playing Experience

Playing table tennis on the Stiga STS 420 is great fun and a casual way to pass the time. Once the table is all set up, it is easy to play with friends or family. It even folds up part of the way for a single player to practice on their own. If you enjoy the game to begin with, you will surely get plenty of use out of this table. However, even if you have never before played table tennis or are just starting out, the Stiga STS 420 will offer a pleasant introduction to the game.

Convenience Features

One of the best features of the Stiga STS 420 is its storage on both ends of the table for table tennis balls. While playing or not, it is convenient to have a place for the balls to stay. The table itself also folds up for storage in case it has to be put away for any reason. The table even has self-deploying legs for opening and closing the table.

Assembly Process

The assembly process is extremely easy as long as you have two other people to help you put the table together. The table is too heavy for one person to set it up alone. Aside from that, after unpacking the table, it took no more than a half hour to get it set up and it was ready to play! Most of the parts were pre-assembled, so there was no time wasted trying to figure out how everything fits together.

Potential Downsides

As I mentioned earlier, the table is extremely heavy, so it takes a couple of physically strong individuals to set it up. In addition, it became clear after a few playing sessions that the table top was easily scratched. However, that wasn’t necessarily unexpected, and it was only a minor issue. Overall, the advantages highly outweigh the flaws!


Based on my positive experience with the Stiga STS 420, I can say that whether you love playing table tennis or you are just learning, this table will be a great fit for your home. It has a few tiny flaws, but they have yet to take away from the joy of the game. I highly recommend this table for those interested in buying one.